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Interview with Silver Love Club

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Silver Love Club creates 60’s pops songs, decades into the present era and combines them with unique, indie garage sounds. The band’s latest single, “Ghost Town” from their yet to be released EP (produced by Will Zeglis from The Ruben’s) satirically questions one’s submission to authority and popular culture and poses the question of staying true to oneself.

Formally known as Mabel, the band released their debut EP ‘Rachel’ immediately scoring regional radio play in Australia. The track ‘I Want To Love You’ was featured on the #sayyestolove album in support of marriage equality alongside Missy Higgins, Hermitude & Birds Of Tokyo. Title song ‘Rachel’ was also awarded in RaraFarm’s top 10 rock songs of 2015. In 2016 SLC toured Australia’s east coast with sold out shows in Sydney’s iconic Oxford Art Factory & Brighton Up Bar. Their tracks ‘Rachel’ & ‘My Way’ received radio play in Australia, the US, Canada & Europe & they recorded a brand new EP with ARIA nominated producer Michel McGlynn.

We got to interview Michael of Silver Love Club:

Jenn: You recently released your new single “Ghost Town”, can you tell us what the song is about?

Michael: Going to start on a bit of a downer here. Ghost Town is a rock’n’roll f*** you to governments impeding our everyday freedoms. In Australia, particularly our state NSW, a number of questionable laws have been passed recently allowing the government to bully their positions across the line. We believe a person should be free to make their own choices & governments should be there to educate citizens to make the right choices rather than punishing everyone for the wrong doing of a few. Ghost Town satirically questions one’s submission to authority, technology & popular culture. In a world saturated by the narrow minded rhetoric of those in power, how can we stay true to ourselves? Such a serious first question :blush:

Jenn: When can we expect your EP to be released?

Michael: No plans to release an EP just yet. We’re enjoying the current trend of releasing singles & have a number in the works that will see our next release out in the coming months & another a couple of months after that!

Jenn: Do you have any plans for a tour?
Michael: Tours are always in the works we have an Australian East Coast tour planned for our return home & are looking forward to making it back to Canada within the next 12 months.

Jenn: Who are some of your musical influences?
Michael: The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello & so many more.

Jenn: How does it feel to be part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto?
Michael: This is our second year at CMW & we are stoked to be back. We had the greatest time last year & met some of the best people. There are a lot of similarities between Aussies & Canadians so we feel right at home here. Aside from smashing some poutine we’re just looking forward to rocking our new set & waiting for the reaction.

Jenn: How did Silver Love Club form?
Michael: We’ve all been mates forever. Romeo & I met at school. Alvin & Neel we met through mutual friends. It just happened we were all between bands & decided to write some music together with our best buddies.

Jenn: How do Australian fans differ from Canadian fans?
Michael: Aussies/Canadians were basically the same. Drinks, a party & catching some live music just seemed like a good idea no matter where you’re from. I do feel like the Canadians are maybe a little more excited by the prospect of some live music, which is never a bad thing!

Jenn: Are you looking forward to expanding your music in Canada?
Michael: Hell yeah! The idea of our music growing in Canada means we’ll get to come back even sooner & we love it here!

Jenn: From Canadian Music Week, what’s next for Silver Love Club?
Michael: There’s a bunch of singles in the works & an ever frowning fan base to build so we’ll just keep doing what we love – writing & performing music!!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/silverloveclub
Instagram: www.instagram.com/silverloveclub
Website: www.silverloveclub.com