Spotlight on Emerging Artist Eric Stephen Martin

Eric Stephen Martin lives and breathes many different sounds by mixing the voice of soul with the softness of folk guitar and country/blues influences. This musical mix places him firmly in the Americana genre. Growing up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia he started writing songs at the age of 13, which has led to the creation of his large musical library. Eric attended the Gordie Sampson Songcamp in 2015, where he gained knowledge and developed tools that further widened his creative abilities. He wrote with many established Nova Scotian songwriters, as well as high-profile writers from Nashville. Eric was invited back to attend the Gordie Sampson Songcamp in 2016 as a returning writer.
Within the past few years Eric has acquired musical experience by supporting and playing alongside many different artists in the east coast music industry such as Carleton Stone, Kim Harris, and Joel Plaskett. His self-titled EP, released in 2014, was recorded at the New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth. Eric has released a total of three independent EP’s (2012, 2014, 2015).
“Memphis,” a small leap from his past work that genre hops between blues, country, and soul music. He is currently recording for a full length EP to be released in 2017.

James: What is it like trying to make a music career in Dartmouth?
Eric: I don’t want to say it’s easy but there are alot of musicians and alot of songwriters that make a great community with lots of help and support.
James: Locally what kind of support have you had and an artist that has been an influence?
Eric: I’ve been able to record in Joel Plaskett’s studio and Carleton Stone has helped me with writing songs.
James: Did you write your Memphis?
Eric: It was four of us that really wrote it together. Carleton Stone, Caitlyn Smith and Rollie Gaalswyk.
James: What is the story behind it?
Eric: We were talking about blues, soul and rootsy music, and it just kind of became a narrative story of a guy trying to make it in Tennesse.
James: How did Gordie Sampson songcamp help you as a writer?
Eric: It was really good, I have gone the last two years. There are alot of great songwriters there such as Port Cities.
James: Who are some of your musical influences?
Eric: I’ve been listening to alot of old country like Bryan Adams, but some pop too. Ed Sheeran is a great songwriter.
James: What are your plans after your new EP is released?
Eric: Actually, we just started talking about that and would really like to plan a small East Coast tour.

You can find Eric Stephen Martin on his website & social media’s listed below. For his music you can go on Spotify and Apple Music.
Facebook: Eric Stephen Martin
Instagram: ericstephenmartin
Twitter: ericsmartin