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Meaghan Smith Sells out The Carleton

Meaghan Smith played two sold out shows at The Carleton Music Bar & Grill.  This was definitely the most difficult show I have ever shot.  The house was at capacity, so moving around was difficult, but I was more compelled to simply leave my camera at my waist and just enjoy her show.  She also gave me heads up that she was going to kill the lights for one song minus a few candles and told me to have fun with that.  She is the consummate professional.  Her voice is simply amazing, but the way she engages the crowd is outstanding. To round out her musical talents, she pulled out a variety of instruments which included a kazoo. The last time I saw a kazoo during a live show was coincidentally here at The Carleton.  She was joined by her husband, Jason Mingo, to perform a mix of holiday tunes and songs from all of her albums, so the crowd got a good taste of her musical journey.

Photo By Scott Thieu