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Terri Clark makes dream come true

On Saturday evening, we met Angela Dagley while waiting to meet Terri Clark prior to her show. Angela who is from Bridgewater was standing behind us with her guitar. She was telling us how big of a fan she was of Terri, she was going to get her guitar signed.

James was waiting backstage with Terri and her team, he watched as Angela got to meet Terri. Terri played Angela’s guitar then signed it. After Angela left, Terri pulled her team in and said she wanted to bring Angela on stage to sing with her.

When Terri was introducing Angela, she said I’ve seen things on social media, I wouldn’t have seen 20 years ago. You post things on Instagram, twitter and think I don’t see them, but I do. Angela had been posting videos singing Terri’s songs prior to the concert. We spoke with Angela about her experience and this is what she had to say.

“Well I have had quite a busy day on my social media, phone calls, and texts!! I am still trying calm down after last nights awesome performance with Terri Clark at the South Shore Exhibition in Bridgewater. My home town, which I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve been following Terri, since she started to come on the scene. Loved how energetic she was on stage, and how she interacts with the crowd. Most importantly, down to earth. January, I little source of mine told me they had FINALLY signed for Terri to come to little Bridgewater!!! I was a bit in disbelief until they officially announced it in April. I wanted to do something I have never done before and get out of my comfort zone, by starting to record some video clips of me, singing Terri’s songs and tagging her in them, hoping maybe she may see them and realize how much I have supported her and her music all these years. I’ve been posting and sharing and advertising to try and help get as many people here as we could do show her how many loyal fans she has, and that they would NOT be disappointed! I had already made my mind up , if I get my meet and greet, my guitar was what she would be signing. When it was my time, I told her “I’ve been waiting ten years, for you to come to my hometown so you can show Bridgewater really how you put an amazing show on. I knew this would probably never happen again so this is why I am honoured if you signed my guitar!” She played it a few seconds after I gave her a gift from Lunenburg. And it was a wonderful chat we had. Little did I know what was about to happen. She did tell security to make sure I got a good spot for the show. Took a bit but I managed to sit in front of the stage. When she called me name I was stunned and someone has to pick me up to make me go on stage!! I was absolutely thrilled when she saw my videos on social media and realized how much a loyal fan I have been. Singing in front of my friends and family was just am world wind of a feeling. This goes to show you, what a down to earth person Terri Clark is. I am forever grateful to her. Words honestly cannot describe how humbled I was to be up there with her. If she ever wanted to take time to come to Bridgewater again, I would love to show her around our beautiful communities!”

Terri Clark is all about her fans, and this story goes to show you how amazing she is as a person and an artist.