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Floodland Rocks The Beatles!

Floodland rocks The Beatles!

There was a sea of green last night celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at The Seahorse Tavern with local band Floodland. Aaron Green, Eamonn Slattery, Luke Levy and Tori Cameron are Floodland. Their dynamic live performance, interaction with the audience and raw talent make for a great time. This was my first time hearing them and I must say I was very impressed. Floodland had The Seahorse Tavern jam packed full of fans singing and dancing along to all their favourite Beatles’ songs. Next time you hear Floodland is performing I highly recommend you to take in their show. It makes you proud to see the talent our East Coast has to offer.

Here are a few great shots captured from their show last night.


You can check out Floodland on their website http://www.floodlandband.com

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Jenn Peake