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Casey May Gets High Reviews for His Album Eden


I recently had the pleasure to review Nova Scotian Artist Casey May’s album, EDEN.  I sat down with my favorite BOSE headphones to ensure I could enjoy the true sounds and vocals of this album.   Casey May has a very unique sound which is perfect for storytelling and you can feel the emotions in the songs.  This album consists of just that.  Ten great tracks each telling a story making the listener feel as if they are right there at that moment in time.  I tried to compare Casey May’s sound to an artist with very similar sounds.   The songs had the feeling and story telling of Charlie Puth but with a similar vocal sound of Keith Urban.  I would classify this album as a Pop Country Album and will target many listeners across the genres.  Although, I found many of the sounds to be very appealing to me I was drawn to the track Like Lightning.  Casey May co-wrote this song with one my favorite country artist’s Makayla Lynn.  I had only heard this song performed by Makayla Lynn.  I love this song and think it would be a perfect song for Carrie Underwood to perform.  So, initially I was not sure how I would enjoy this song being performed by another artist particularly a male artist.  I am sorry that I prejudged this song as I was surprised and truly amazed with his version as well.  Two different artists putting their own spin on this song is simply fantastic.  Casey May has signed with Song City and will be performing at the Canaan Country Music Festival.  He has many more tour dates as well.  You can hear his album at https://soundcloud.com/caseymayeden or check out his website at http://www.caseymaymusic.com/