Zac Brown Band’s Grandma’s Garden

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There is no denying that I am a Zac Brown Band fan and connect on many levels with most of their songs.  Over the years their music has changed slightly but they stayed true to their beliefs and the messages they convey in their songs.  I am sure this has only helped them grow their fan base.

Back in 2014, I had the pleasure of finally attending their live show with my wife in Toronto, Canada at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.  We flew half way across the country and back in 24hrs just to attend this show.  Looking back, this was a highlight moment for my wife and I.  As a tour, concert, live event photographer I have taken in many shows and I have enjoyed many of them immensely.  Up to this point, I did not think the performance of Lady Antebellum at Cavendish Beach Music Festival could be topped.  The setting was right, stunning venue in a beautiful province of PEI and in the company of friends and family.  I still want to take in a full Lady Antebellum show and my now 5yr old  girl loves their song Bartender and can often be heard singing it.  However, on this August night in Toronto ZBB exceeded by far any expectations I had going into the venue.  ZBB are all very musical and very talented with most of the band playing multiple instruments and various singing roles.  They performed many of my favourite songs and included a Guns and Roses Acoustic Cover.

I think what I enjoy most about ZBB is their sound.  It is the perfect mix of old country and new country sound.  But most importantly it is how they treat their fans and what they do for their communities/charities. Often portions of tickets sales going to their charities.  I am not sure I know of any other artist that treats their fans to an eat and great before their shows.

ZBB is always moving forward in the music industry and continue to release new songs. Which they have done with Grandma’s Garden. This song along with many of their other songs will pull at your heart strings.  They know how to connect with people through their songs.  Their new album called Southern Family has artists Miranda Lambert and Chris Stampleton performing as well.  ZBB has announced Tour Dates for their Black out the Sun Tour. I am hoping to be able to one day cover this band live with my camera in hand in capture that moment they strive to express.