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Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell ~ Stellar Performance in Truro

My wife introduced me to Boney M years ago when we first met. She has been listening to them since she was a little girl thanks to her mom’s wide taste in music.

When we saw that they were returning to the East Coast we knew we wanted to cover the show. We missed them the last time but heard so many amazing things about their performance.

We arrived at the venue and the stage set up was beautiful with Christmas lights, trees and snow. After the openers Mike Bigger, Jessica Rhine and Sandy MacKay, the crowd started chanting “Boney M, Boney M’. From the moment they stepped out on the stage, the crowd was excited and danced all night long. Their matching sparkly outfits went perfectly with their stage set up.

Within the first few songs, Liz surprised everyone when she jumped down onto speaker to get everyone up dancing then proceeded to get down into the crowd to sing with fans. It was a truly special experience for the fans.

Liz had the crowd engaged all evening, singing along with their Christmas songs, when they started singing “Mary’s Boy Child”, every single person in the venue was on their feet dancing, clapping and singing along. It was a truly magical experience. They put on an amazing performance and we would have attended every show if we could.

They ended the show, exited the stage and the crowd chanted “Encore”, my wife knew they would come back because they didn’t sing on of their big hits (and her favourite song) “Rasputin”. It was the best encore I’ve seen!! Liz proceeded to invite all the children in the crowd up on the stage for the final song “Feliz Navidad”. The kids sang and danced. That is a memory they will always have.

Overall, this was such a great show! Thank you to VaughnCo Entertainment for having us out.

James Peake.