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Get ready Halifax…. Gord Bamford is back!

Gord Bamford is pulling into Casino Nova Scotia tomorrow night November 4th as part of his second leg of his Canadian Dirt Tour. We can’t wait to be back at his show! We are very excited that Gord is bringing his Canadian Dirt tour to Halifax.

James had a chance to chat with him and catch up.

James: How was the first leg of your tour?

Gord: Yeah, it’s been great you know, the first leg was awesome. We been out since February, it’s been pretty long but after the break we had it’s been great and things are going great now too.

James: How did it feel to be back on tour post pandemic?

Gord: ¬†yeah really good you know it was a break none of us wanted. I’ve had my band/ musicians with me for so many years, trying to keep them rolling was obviously impossible most times. It was good for everybody, we are really happy to be back out and taking advantage of the people that want to come out and see shows again!

James: Your label just signed Dallas Alexander- tell me more about that? Some plans you have for him/your label?

Gord: We did! The label has just been me for many years you know we had an act or two back in the day but just kinda looking for the right act. Dallas is retired from the military, he was a sniper actually. He was part of the longest kill over in Iraq, 4 km he was the spotter in that. He is really a nation hero for our country. He is just really unique in what he does. He is really very raw, a great singer/songwriter. I met him a year ago and heard him play backstage and he kinda blew my mind. He is very intelligent, he understands what he wants. We are happy he is on the label and part this tour, people are really digging his stuff.

James: Your song “Canadian Dirt”- Can you tell me the inspiration behind writing it?

Gord: That was purely just not being able to do anything for two years. Sitting at home at my place on Buffalo Lake, not really surrounded by a whole lot of people but feeling really fortune for where I was during the times we went through and feeling like in any situation that I felt like I was in the best place I could be and really happy to be in Canada. Proud Canadian. I wrote that on zoom with another fellow Canadian from the Maritimes Phil O’Donnell and it was one of the first writes I did on zoom but it came off good.

James: You just crossed an item off your bucket list by playing at Horseshoe Tavern. What are some other things on your bucket list?

Gord: Horseshoe was awesome, such an iconic place. Not a lot, I guess the next thing would be the Opry before it’s done. I’ve been across Canada a few times now and just love it. Been pretty fortunate as far as bucket list stuff goes.

James: After your tour is finished, What are your plans?

Gord: I go to Australia yet for a little bit of a run over there at the end of November. We are working on a pretty cool project, next year is actually 30 years since I had my first songs. We are working on some vinyl, 30 years of country music basically. Not doing a bunch of touring next year, maybe some festivals and some fairs. We are planning a big 30 year celebration tour across Canada in 2025. We are going to put together kind of Best of Gord Bamford on vinyl and maybe a couple new singles, work away at that.

James: What’s your favourite thing about Nova Scotia?

Gord: Well, the Maritimes are probably my favourite place to be so probably everything. The people out there are just different, so friendly all the time and incredible music fans. That’s my favourite place in Canada to go. We can’t wait to get there!


We look forward to catching his show on Saturday! Look forward to content from Gord’s Halifax show!