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Album Review: Randy Houser’s New Album “Magnolia”

Magnolia began as a passion project to become Houser’s most authentic project to date. For nearly two years, Houser hunkered down in a backyard studio in East Nashville investing all of his energy into his songwriting, artistry and his guitarwork. The result is a gritty, swampy, expressive and un-polished new sound that is elevated only by his thick, commanding vocals (that earned him four #1 hits, a slew of award nominations and critical acclaim). With heavy influence from the blue-collar life of his native Mississippi and Randy’s new season of life, Magnolia is a new take on vintage Houser.

“No Stone Unturned” (Randy Houser, Dallas Davidson)
“Our Hearts (feat. Lucie Silvas)” (Randy Houser, Kylie Sackley, Rob Hatch)
“What Whiskey Does (feat. Hillary Lindsey)” (Randy Houser, Keith Gattis, Hillary Lindsey)
“Whole Lotta Quit” (Randy Houser, Travis Meadows)
“No Good Place to Cry” (Randy Houser, Gary Nicholson)
“New Buzz” (Randy Houser, Keith Gattis, Jeff Trott)
“Nothin’ On You” (Randy Houser, Jaren Johnston, Tony Lane)
“What Leaving Looks Like” (Randy Houser, John Osborne, James Otto)
“High Time” (Randy Houser, Brice Long)
“Mama Don’t Know” (Randy Houser, Jaren Johnston, Tony Lane)
“Running Man” (Randy Houser, Jeffrey Steele)
“Evangeline” (Randy Houser, James Otto )

Randy Houser is an incredible storyteller….having wrote/co-wrote all the songs on this album. He has one of those soulful and expressive voices that you can recognize instantly on the radio.

I will highlight my favourite tracks off the album, which is hard because they are all great.

“Our Hearts”- I’m a sucker for love songs and this one is beautiful. I think Randy chose the perfect person to sing with him in this song, Lucie Silvas. Their voices sound incredible together.

“What Whiskey Does”-  this is my very favourite song. It is a perfect country song. This is a stadium full of people singing along with him to this song. It is one of those songs that has a sexy, country feel to it. I love how Hillary Lindsey voice compliments Randy’s perfectly.

“Whole Lotta Quit”- This song honestly reminds me of 90’s country which is why I love it so much. It is such a great boot stompin’ dancing song!

I could honestly keep going for each song. This whole album is going to be one of the best country albums you will listen to this year! Houser has a powerful voice, this album has a down home country & blues feel to it.

I highly recommend that you go grab your copy of Randy Houser’s new album and enjoy it like I am.