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Interview with Cassidy Mackenzie

On her debut EP, One Look, Cassidy Mackenzie displays a truly unique voice as an artist and storyteller.

Recorded and co-written with producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Bif Naked), each of the songs on One Look touch on love, loss and desire in some way, but none more candidly than lead single, ‘Wish’. “Everything we were writing was in the moment,” Mackenzie says. “I’d go into the studio, Ryan would ask me what was going on in my life and we’d work off that, but the story for ‘Wish’ literally came from the night before.”

The EP’s title is actually drawn from a line in ‘Wish’, she adds, and represents the kind of instantaneous connection you have with someone else that’s so strong you’re immediately, and almost uncomfortably, attracted to them.

While tracks like ‘Compass’ (co-written with Tavis Crowe) and ‘I’m Onto You’ cover similar ground, no one song sums up One Look’s lyrical preoccupations more powerfully than ‘Overrated’. “It’s about a feeling of love and desire so overwhelming you almost can’t take it; where you’re so hung up that you don’t know whether feeling the way you do is better than not feeling it.”


James had the chance to chat with Cassidy about her single “Wish” and much more. You can listen to their full interview here: Cassidy Mackenzie