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“Love, Heels”

The Heels are a 2016 BCCMA Award winning female Country music trio based in Vancouver BC. With past solo careers spanning a rainbow of genres, The Heels – Bobbi Smith, Brittni Dominelli & Kyla Rawlins have joined forces as a powerful female presence. The trio are known for three part harmonies, sassy lyrics, unforgettable melodies and outstanding heels!
Bobbi Smith is a long time solo performer who had Canadian success on her debut project, gaining her a total of 10 consecutive singles on Canadian radio charting in the Top 50, including one Top 20 single Always On My Way. This success lead her to an opening spot for renowned artists such as Brad Paisley, Shania Twain, Terri Clark and many others. She also headlined at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and the Calgary Stampede. Bobbi is a three-time Winner for BCCMA Female Vocalist of the Year and a nominee for the CCMA Independent Female Artist of the Year.
Brittni Dominelli has been performing since a very young age on stage with her father’s band singing backup vocal harmonies and playing the guitar. She has always shown her creativity through various outlets including performing arts, theatre and dance. Brittni owns and operates her own professional makeup artist business which tailors to the Arts and Entertainment industry.
Kyla Rawlins has been performing since the age of seven where she acted in major Canadian commercial and feature film productions all over Western Canada. After high-school, Kyla attended the Canadian College of Performing Arts and Vancouver Island University where she was professionally trained vocally in Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Rock, and Pop. She has released two full-length albums of original music over the years and has featured on numerous Canadian Artists singles and music videos. Kyla is also a successful business owner for her North Vancouver plant-based food storefronts called Buddha-Full.
I had a chance to interview The Heels, here is what they had to say:
Jenn: Your new single “He’s Not Where I’m Going”.  Can you tell us a little bit about the song?
The song is a powerful anthem we wrote to keep us marching our own path. I think many can relate to is differently but if you have a dream and a plan that might vary from the traditional “time lines” and “check lists” that seem to be pushed you will relate to this song. We believe there are multiple paths to happiness and we live for the journey. -Bobbi 
Jenn: Your new album Love, Heels was released May 25th. Tell us about the album. 
It’s what the world needs now! The title of our album “Love, Heels” has multiple meanings. We wrote on every one of these songs, so they come from us. This album is the letter from our hearts we are signing off on. We believe that Love is the answer to healing. Radiate love, sprinkle that shit everywhere, and you’ll feel the peace inside you while passing it along. -Brittni
 Jenn: You all started on your own, what brought you together? 
Kyla owns a series of vegan cafes in North Vancouver called Buddha-Full and Brittni was the employee, Kyla was the owner, and I was customer that visited daily. We knew each other were musicians and would chat between my smoothie orders about possibly writing, and we eventually started going to each other’s shows and then writing and singing together and it all blew up and began. -Bobbi  
Jenn: Who are your musical influences?
 Kyla -Jessie J, Whitney Houston, Adele, Brett Eldridge, Trisha Yearwood, Shania Twain, Lindsay Ell, Carly Pearce 
Brittni -Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain, My dad, Britney Spears 
Bobbi -Reba, Shania, The Dixie Chicks, Little Big Town, Stevie Nicks 
Jenn: What are your summer plans?
We have tons of festivals lined up that we will be playing for the first time Sun Fest on Vancouver Island, Where Eric Church will headline. Awesome because we have a song about Eric Church, “Hold Your Horses.” We will also play The Sound Of Music Festival in Burlington Ontario, and The Harmony Arts Festival in Vancouver, BC, our home base at the moment.  You can find out entire tour at theheelsmusic.com -we have a lot of shows and we are thrilled! We will be bringing a brand new line of The Heels merchandise on the road with us, as well as CDs of the album, and all of it will also be available through our online store also at theheelsmusic.com
Jenn: Do you plan to tour after the release of your new album?
Yes! We will be heading to Toronto for a media tour as well as some live performances. And then the summer continues to take us all over the map through BC, Alberta, and Ontario so far. 
Jenn: What is on your current playlist?
When we are in the car together, and I know when I’m on my own, we actually love to listen to our own music! “Love, Heels” has been on repeat for me for months! Waiting for the album to come out was such a big secret to not share. I like to sit at stop lights with the roof off rebelliously blaring our secret music for the world. We also play new demos we are working on.
Jenn: Is there anything else you would like to add?
We chose these primary colours to represent each of us. These three colours make up every single colour in the spectrum. And, each of our complimentary colours is the combination of the other two primary colours, how cool is that?! #colourtheory 🤓 we’ve got different personalities and voices that compliment each other so perfectly, fittin’ like a glove! Another fun fact: our eye colours are all different and compliment our own primary colour. Confused yet? It’s fun for branding and coordinating outfits, but these colours really represent us in a direct way: 3 very different people working so (literally) harmoniously together and with that we hope we can connect to all the different types of beautiful beings out there.
Heels” has a few different meanings we’ve learned. To us, Heels is the sassy spin on healing. Originally spelled “Heals” we came together to heal ourselves through music. We would gather after work at Buddha-Full with others who were going through their own individual battles and we would play music. We would sing until we felt amazing. This is the definition of positive vibrations. The power of music healed us and a few of us decided to start playing publicly to spread the feel-good vibes. We wanted to share the joy that we had created. SO – long story short – momentum began to flow, we changed the spelling of our name to fit the genre of music (like cowgirl boots) and add some fun but stayed true to our original intent to spread the good vibes.