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Cavendish Beach Music Festival ~ Day One~

Day one of Cavendish Beach Music Festival was a wet one. We experienced heavy rain with thunder for a good part of the afternoon causing delays but that didn’t stop the thousands of fans from pouring in once the gates opened.
Once the rain finally stopped, Meghan Patrick kicked off the main stage with a fantastic set. Meghan is an incredible artist that has recently won Fans Choice, Female Artist of the year and Video of the year at the CMA Ontario Awards. I had a chance to chat with her prior to her performance. Have a listen here: Meghan Patrick

The Road Hammers rolled in full of energy and had the crowd singing to every one of their songs. They mentioned how much they love performing at Cavendish Beach Music Festival. I sat down with them before their performance to catch up, have a listen to their interview here:The Road Hammers

Rivertown Saints,  Shae Dupuy, Sons of Daughters and Big City Lights were 3 other bands we got to sit down with yesterday to interview. They all have new music and big things they are working on. They were all very excited and thankful to be at Cavendish Beach Music Festival.
You can listen to their interviews here to find out what they have coming up:

Shae Dupuy: Shae Dupuy
Rivertown Saints:Rivertown Saints
Sons of Daughters:Sons of Daughters
Big City Lights:Big City Lights