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FM Berlin – Welcome to Winter Tour

FM Berlin is a four-piece Alternative Rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick. They are the recipients of the 2016 Bell Media Prize from Canada’s Music Incubator (with an on going career mentorship and industry connectivity).  Before showcasing at the (2015) East Coast Music Week in St. John’s Newfoundland, took home the Music New Brunswick Emerging Artist of the Year award in (2014) for their debut EP In The Interest of National Security released in (2013).

Jenn: Tell us a little about you.

Corey: My name is Corey, and I sing songs in a four-piece Brit inspired Pop Rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick called FM Berlin. We sound like The Police and The Strokes made a baby…in space.

Jenn: You’re getting ready to hit the road on a tour. Tell us about that?

Corey: Yeah, we have a winter tour which we have dubbed Welcome The Winter tour. The tour is split up between February and March. We are going to kick things off on the east coast and then head out to Ontario. Once we wrap thing up in Ontario, we will be heading home to start work on new material for a fall release.

Here is what the tour looks like:

Feb 8th – Halifax NS – The Seahorse Tavern

Feb 9th – Fredericton NB – The Capital

Feb 10th – Saint John NB – Peppers Pub

Feb 23rd – Miramichi NB – O’Donaghue’s Irish Pub

March 3rd – Toronto ON – Supermarket

March 7th – Peterborough ON – The Historic Red Dog

March 8th – Windsor ON – Phog Lounge

March 10th – Ottawa ON – Cafe Deckuf

Jenn: What is one of your favorite things about touring? Any favorite places to perform?

Corey: I personally like hotels. Sometimes we end up on a friend’s floor or couch, which makes for a good time as well. Oh, and the shows. The shows are like the reward at the end of the day. We spend countless hours driving from town to town cooped up in a van, but we know that at the end of the day we have a show to play. It feels like for a few hours each night we are let out of our cage, and we can’t help but make the most out of it.

Jenn: You recently got a new drummer Nic. Tell us about him and how things are going?

Corey: Yeah, Nick joined in November of 2017 after our drummer, at the time, told us that she wanted to go back to school. He was the second drummer that we tried out which is crazy. We tried out at least 20 drummers before finding our first drummer, Charline.

Jenn: Who are some of your musical influences?

Corey: The Strokes, Queen, and Metric

Jenn: How did you get started in the music industry?

Corey: I started playing in bands when I began singing and writing music for my first band “Sproll”. We lasted a few years until finally disbanding. The bass player, Glen, and I kept at it, and now we are two fourths of FM Berlin.

Jenn: What are your plans for 2018?

Corey: Our plans for 2018 are as follows: Tour the hell out of every city from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Windsor, Ontario.

Jenn: What is on your playlist these days?

Corey: My playlist looks all over the place to be honest. I have everything from Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, to The Sadies. I’ve recently added Canadian legends Teenage Head to my playlist.

Jenn: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Corey: We have recently added a new single, At Least You’re Having Fun, to Spotify, and we will be releasing the music video on our YouTube channel soon! You can stay up to date on all FM Berlin news by following any of our social media pages, or come out to a show when we are in your city, and we can talk things over.

Twitter: @FM_Berlinmusic
Facebook: @fmberlinmusic
Instagram: @fmberlinmusic